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Why do we believe our expertise is better?

The people who work on our locally hosted technology, service your business. You deal with the team who will work through your queries, hands on - no middle men. This means we resolve questions and issues quickly.

Our team makes Inxmail what it is - we all believe passionately in the product and know it inside out. The flat structure means our customer deals with the expert with their hands deep in the platform itself!

— Christian Kirsch, Managing Director

Inxmail has worked closely with our Catch Group for over 4 years now and is continuously improving our E-Mail Marketing sales channel.

During migration from legacy email service provider, Inxmail assisted us to recover lost subscriber data and facilitate a proactive re-engagement campaign. As a 24x7 business, we appreciate Inxmail's ability to investigate and resolve issues - within minutes - not hours or days. Importantly, Inxmail also proactively suggests improvements to our E-Mail Marketing to increase deliverability.

Inxmail's user interface and template technology enables our collective Marketing teams to create and manage E-Mail Marketing campaigns without having to understand HTML. Our Marketing teams are also comforted to know that the Inxmail team are only a call away if needed.

inxmail sends over 1 billion emails per year for the CatchOfTheDay.com.au Group. That said, INXmail is not just an email sending tool, but an end-to-end solution worthy of consideration by all that are serious about email marketing.

Gabby Leibovich, Co-founder

Why do we think our service offering is better?

Since 1999 we have been developing E-Mail Marketing solutions that utilise our German engineered technology.

We have 3 distinct stages of 'service delivery' in our offering:


Getting to understand your business requirements. We assess current practice, problems and opportunity and propose a tailored solution that will grow your business.

Proof of concept

Post the initial engagement phase, we then demonstrate through a proof of concept why our expertise will make a difference to your business. In this way we gain your trust.


We deliver what all other providers claim, be it technical, campaign development or intelligent data profiling support. What makes us very different is that the people you work with are not sales people, they are an extension of your team, accessible 24/7 for any support campaign request.

Sarroff Group

The crew from inxmail have been fantastic from all levels. They have exceed our expectations from service and quality and I would highly recommend there services.

Kamal Sarroff, Co-Founder

Packages to suite any business size

Small to Medium

- Local support, you can actually talk to someone
- Very little knowledge necessary as we guide you
- Suitable for small / regular senders.

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High Volume Enterprise

- robust solution competes with the best market has to offer
- High speed / high volume
- Working with industry experts
- Bespoke offer to meet budgets

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Our approach to delivering this differentiated "service offering" results in the creation of meaningful, long term, trusted relationships with all our clients.

This trust has been earned.

Prospective clients come to us because they have heard that our approach to a service offering is different to other emailing marketing providers… and that’s the truth. Testament being, we successfully deliver over 2 billion emails annually for our clients.

— Christian Kirsch, Managing Director


From the beginning Inxmail surpassed our expectation. Their easy to use system, with fantastic reporting capabilities, aided us in day-to-day activities as well as long term projects and planning. Staff were always professional, clear and concise and easy to relay information from. Highly recommended Inxmail to any business, big or small, as client needs are always number one.

Ashley Roussety
E-Mail Marketing and Content Coordinator

Why do we believe we can offer better results?

We are obsessed with delivering better results be they opening rates, click rates or inbox placement. We work with you to analyse the data, understand the customer behaviour and help you to understand it too. Our technology means content can be tailored easily and dynamically, allowing you to focus more on refining future campaigns.

We're all data obsessives and we work closely to understand what your results need to be. The entire team is focused on this daily.

— Sascha Huwald, Software


inxmail helped BT Publishing with an E-Mail automation process for reminders for their magazine subscriptions. Due to a intelligent address cleansing mechanism which is is communicated within every email BT Publishing cleaned up 10% of overall postal addresses within first 6 weeks of using inxmail at no extra cost. This process is ongoing and ensures that BT Publishing maximises the delivery of their printed magazines.

Why is our technology preferred by our clients?

We find that many clients are confused by the so called complexity of technologies in E-Mail Marketing. The truth is all the technologies work, as a client, you are not really interested in how it works, only that it will never let you down and deliver outstanding results. Our Inxmail Professional solution is easy to use, highly secure and significantly reduces our client's time in administration and campaign development every week.

Deep integrations & maximum flexibility

Market your products directly from your Magento shop! professional, personalised and automated - by connecting to Inxmail Professional! With the advanced interface you create modern and strong-selling e-mailings directly in Magento. Knowing the comprehensive professional features of Inxmail Professional are available.

Your advantages:
Customer and product data is automatically transferred from Magento into our solution to save valuable time. Subscriber management is automated. You do not have to have any understanding of the technical aspects of HTML as our intelligent design templates are automatically enriched with the products you select for your campaign.


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— John Doe, Cyberdyne Systems

The most advanced interface between Salesforce CRM and Inxmail Professional combines the advantages of both systems for a professional customer dialogue. Campaigns can be fully created directly in Salesforce CRM - means you do not have to log in anywhere else. Profiled CRM data flows intelligently into email campaigns. Starting with the subject line via targeted content to attachments. Even large address databases and high E-Mail volume - fastest delivery is guaranteed. As the CRM system only provides the necessary data and our robust E-Mail solution takes care of the bulk delivery. Dispatched campaigns are available any time from any relevant employee within Salesforce CRM. This not just ensures up to date customer records but also full transparency for your marketing and sales staff.


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— Jane Doe, Nydus Network


www.ikoala.com.au is a popular online flash sale site and discount retailer. IkOala offers a broad range of products, travel and holidays and local experiences with discounts of up to 98% of the recommended retail price. ikOala is proudly Australian with offices in Sydney, and is operated by a team of passionate and focussed business and marketing professionals, Ben Shaw, Sam Mehanna and Chris Wade. ikOala's focus has always been great products, friendly service and a customer satisfaction attitude.

ikOala works with only the best and most trusted suppliers, and we are pleased with our association with Inxmail.

Before starting to work with Inxmail we used several large E-Mail Marketing providers based locally and also offshore. We knew the importance of emarketing to our business, but had to ensure that our deliverability objectives were met. When we first met Inxmail we had to make a call on sticking to and extending our strategy and existing provider for another year, or get Inxmail to take over our entire sending volume within 2 weeks.

What impressed us most was that Inxmail proactively invested time to think about our business, and presented us with a new look and feel for our communications and a much better communication strategy. They saw the opportunity and navigated us really well through the process of migration.

We finally had someone to "talk" to, and in our fast moving business we loved the fact we could pick up the phone and speak to the people that are actually doing the work at any time of day or evening.

This helped to massively improve efficiencies with the HR time invested into generating our daily send outs as Inxmail helped develop an automated process between our systems and the E-Mail Marketing solution.

We have now been working on the Inxmail solution for 4 months and the results have been amazing from recovering data to automating time consuming processes through to business intelligence.

Thank you Inxmail team, and we look forward to your continued support.

Chris Wade
Managing Director

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After a tragic day of E-Mail promotions not being received by our customers in time, we made a last minute ditch at 7pm on a Friday to migrate our services to Inxmail. Once the boys heard about our problem they went above and beyond to make sure we were ready for our Sunday morning following up E-Mail promotion. Within 6 hours our data was migrated, templates optimised, domain setup and we ready to send.

I would highly recommend Inxmail to anyone that take E-Mail Marketing seriously.

Peter Thomas, Owner

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